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Tools to keep you healthy


Video how to's for self care.

Mindful Meditation for Pain

Mindful Breath with Gail

Want to practice but don't know where to begin? Wanting to try relaxation for pain reduction? Interested in learning a simple way to practice mindfulness? With this video run by expert in pain reduction strategies, Gail Kohler-Perkins, you will be guided to finding peace, relaxation, mindful awareness, and pain reduction.

Yoga Nidra - Deep Relaxation

Interested in trying a new way to relax? Try this traditional practice called Yoga Nidra to achieve a complete and deep state of relaxation.

Body Scan Meditation for Chronic Pain

Find a new way to relax with this body scan meditation. Struggle falling asleep? Need a break from chronic pain? Try this easy to follow body scan meditation for finding relaxation while living with chronic pain.


with Dr. Smith

Interested in learning how mindfulness can help your pain levels? Watch this video from the founder of PRA about how you can apply mindfulness to living with chronic pain.

Make sure your provider is the right fit!

Finding a provider who understands, and has experience with, your unique symptoms and situation is the key to having a positive care outcome.

Here are five questions that will ensure maximum results.

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