Transitional Housing Program
Homeward Bound

The Next Step in Recovery

In partnership with Homeward Bound Rehabilitation, providing residential and transitional housing for people who have experienced and acquired brain injury. Designed to help improve the quality of life through behavioral, physical, and cognitive rehabilitation. Working with a skilled and empathic team helping you take the next step towards independent living.

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“I am convinced that he has been able to progress because of his ongoing treatment at Homeward Bound.”

- Family Member, Homeward Bound Client

Noble House

Homeward Bound's residential home, “Noble House,” is located in Cornelius, Oregon where our focus is on behavioral, physical and cognitive rehabilitation. We provide both long-term and short-term residential services to the brain injured adult. The well trained, dedicated and empathetic staff plays a big part in the success we have had in working with even very challenging behaviors.

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  • 1 Private Room
  • 1 Transitional Room with Two Beds and a Shared Full Bathroom
  • 1 Shared Full Bathroom
  • Easy Access to Public Transportation
  • Property Boarders near Wildlife Wetlands
  • Resident Accessible Planting Boxes


  • 24-Hour Awake Staff with 1-1 Staffing Available
  • Low Client to Staff Ratios
  • Rehab for Clients with Physical, Cognitive, and Behavioral Needs
  • Individually Designed Behavioral Intervention Programs
  • Individualized Community Outings
  • Family Education, when requested
  • Home Therapy Program Assistance
  • Medical Visit Accompaniment
  • Transportation Services
  • Life & Leisure Skills Development
  • Safety Training Skills Development

Homeward Bound Rehabilitation

Homeward Bound Rehabilitation has been providing home and community brain injury rehabilitation treatment services for over 30 years. In addition to the Noble House, Homeward Bound Rehabilitation offers Heron House Residential Rehabilitation Program and Bridge to Independence Day Treatment Program.

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