Every day, our clients tell us that finding help for a brain injury or chronic pain can be an overwhelming and difficult task.

We hear stories about isolation, lack of purpose, struggles with the frustration of managing a complex case across multiple providers.

If that has been your experience, you will find that our approach directly counteracts those methods.

Our programs have been designed to give you a different, more cohesive care experience than you can find at other rehabilitation programs. We use a one-case model to ensure that everything related to your health is being shared with all your providers and a full team of specialists is tracking your progress so you only have to share your story one time.

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Brain Injury Rehabilitation
Comprehensive Pain Program

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“My treatment plan included every aspect of my injury, not just pieces.”

Liz, Portland OR

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Every participant in our Brain and Pain Rehabilitation Program gets:

A team of providers who work together and communicate daily to ensure that progress is being made

A customized care plan to fit their injury, needs and lifestyle

Personal treatment goals such as returning to work, returning to driving or increased independence with daily tasks

Access to specialized care providers such as therapists, acupuncturists, yoga instructors and biofeedback technicians

Help re-learning daily tasks such as cooking, volunteering, driving and computer skills

Daily accountability from medical providers, staff and peer community

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Work hardening and conditioning

Whether your goal is to return to your original job or to return to a new position, our program helps you achieve maximum results as quickly as possible so you can return to employment that is right for you.

  • 100% of our WC/WH graduates are recommended to return to full-time work
  • We work with complex cases that require collaboration with other specialty providers for psychological and medical treatment
  • Treatment is individually tailored to ensure your resources are not wasted

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"I’m stronger and in better shape than I was before the accident”

Joe, Portland, OR

A day in the life of Steve

Steve is a thirty-four year old male recovering from a traumatic brain injury. His goal is to regain independence so he can live on his own and take care of his everyday needs.


Before Steve has even arrived, every one of his care providers has met to discuss his case. As soon as he checks in at the front desk, he’s off to meet with Amanda, the physical therapist, who is going to help him with balance and endurance activities. Afterwards, he spends time with his speech therapist, Jenna, to focus on strategies to improve his memory.


Because mealtimes can be viewed as a source of dependence and frustration for our clients, we help them to re-learn how to shop for groceries and cook for themselves. Steve spends an hour in our prep kitchen making one of his favorite recipes, vegetable stir-fry.


Steve’s program goal is to live on his own so he spends some time in our computer lab searching online for an apartment. Next he will meet with Jodi, his clinical psychologist, to discuss the challenges he’s feeling with the changes his body and brain are going through. His last appointment of the day is with Danielle, his physician, who will monitor his progress and ensure he’s staying on track.

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Pain Rehabilitation Program

Vancouver, Washington

Our pain management program (PRP) is a 3-month behavioral based approach that follows a clubhouse model. This is a comprehensive and dynamic program of support and restorative activities that focus on a members strengths and abilities, not their illness.

It is specifically designed to help you reduce your dependency on medical intervention or medication by teaching you a variety of pain-reduction skills and supporting behavioral changes. PRP offers the daily structure and education of our traditional program combined with the community of group classes.

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