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Frequently Asked Questions

We are primarily designed to use our whole team in providing a day treatment model of comprehensive care full time usually for a length of time between 4 to 12 weeks.

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1Will I always have the same provider for each of my treatment days or sessions?
Our goal is to schedule each client with their “primary team”. We are not a large staff and consider ourselves interchangeable in helping our clients achieve their treatment and lifestyle goals. Our clients get to know our staff relatively quickly upon admission. We feel confident that our staff can seamlessly treat any client on a given day.
2How will I know when I’m ready to graduate or leave PRA?
Upon admission our staff and clients work together to design goals. Staff are constantly assessing progress and sharing their observations with our clients.
3Are all sessions face to face or can I combine with telemedicine or virtual treatment?
We encourage all clients to be vaccinated for Covid 19 to allow for as much in person treatment as possible in a safe environment for all. Regardless of vaccination status, we are required to have all staff and clients to wear masks when in common treatment (shared) areas. We honor social distancing as well. There are times and reasons that virtual care can work well but it is not our preference. We try and work each client to do what we can to accommodate specific circumstances and challenges to make consistent progress towards their goals.
4I live too far to drive every day, what are my options?
We have discount contracts with a local Hotel and provide shuttle service to and from that location. Some insurers and third-party payors include a lodging and/or transportation stipend. Our staff can also help with creating a transportation plan based on the options available.
5A full day seems like a long time, is food provided?
For those clients here for full days most payors include a stipend for a lunch. We have a vendor we work with to provide daily lunches. Others who would like to have lunch also have the option of bringing their lunch from home or ordering from our vendor and paying out of pocket.

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