We see the person behind the symptoms

At Progressive Rehabilitation Associates (PRA)

We believe that behind every injury is an individual who deserves to live a fulfilling life and make a meaningful contribution to society.

Our method was developed to help you transition into your new life and develop the skills and habits that will keep you healthy and happy.

​We teach you self-reliance and symptom management, connect you to others who are on a similar journey, and explore how to create purpose in your life.

Clinical Team: We are a team of providers that include Speech and Language Pathology, Occupational Therapy, Psychology, Physicians, Physical Therapists, and affiliated providers as needed.

Approach: We are primarily designed to use our whole team in providing a day treatment model of comprehensive care full time usually for a length of time between 4 to 12 weeks. Some of our clients are limited to half-day or specific providers depending on their needs. Group classes and outings are tools we commonly use to make progress for our clients. There are times we work one on one with clients on their specific barriers and challenges in achieving their goals, but most of the time in our program is in group sessions. The length of time in our program is usually determined by progress in achieving of the client goals but can also be limited based on insurance or third-party payor limits.

Basic structure: We assign a primary team of providers to each client to set goals, assess progress and keep track of progress in achieving goals. Depending on the treatment plan, the team of people involved in treating any client on a given day can change. Every provider on our team has access to the same medical record and treatment goals and progress notes to ensure continuity no matter who is supervising the care. The team meets once a week to review each client’s progress in depth.

We welcome the intermittent involvement (as needed) of care givers and family in our treatment sessions.

Behind every injury is an individual who deserves to live a fulfilling life and make a meaningful contribution to society.

Our Mission

It is the Mission of Progressive Rehabilitation Associates to provide medical rehabilitation in a caring environment to restore function and quality of life. It is our Vision to be the recognized rehabilitation leader in the greater Northwest for persons experiencing brain injury or persistent pain conditions.

The PRA Team

When you work with PRA, you’ll have access to physicians, psychologists, counselors and speech, physical and occupational therapists. Not only does our staff meet daily to discuss the specific needs of each of our cases, we also manage your entire case so you can stop being a case manager and start being a client.