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Balance Master for Vistibular

Vestibular treatment is designed for people who suffer from various visual perceptual disorders primarily for adults with neurological and vestibular impairments. Our state of the art assessment and treatment can help the patient recover from these deficits and begin to move, walk, exercise and gain better balance.

Evaluation and treatment services are provided by physical therapists trained in vestibular rehabilitation and occupational therapists with extensive experience in vision screening and visual-perception.

Evaluations can include any of the following assessment tools, including:

  • Computerized Balance Assessment (Computerized Dynamic Posturography)
  • Computerized Ocular Motor examination
  • Computerized Dynamic Visual acuity assessment
  • Vision Screening (Acuity, visual fields, ocular motility and eye teaming)
  • Standardized Visual Perceptual Skills evaluation
  • Positional vertigo testing
  • Balance and gait assessment
  • Activities of daily living evaluation
  • Cognitive screening
  • Pre-Driving screening (as needed)



  • Each session is 30 minutes to 1 hour in duration dependent upon patients needs
  • Clients are seen 1-2 times for the first two weeks, tapering down with improvement, with a strong emphasis on home exercises.
  • Duration of therapy is individualized for each client, usually lasting four to eight weeks.