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Individual Services

Our behavioral counselors are Psychologists and Licensed Mental Health Counselors who specialize in helping you create and live a life that is fulfilling to you.   Our counselors have experience working with individuals with persistent pain or brain injury adjust to what these changes mean in their life.  You will learn skills and tools to help you manage and reduce your pain. 

Pain Self Management Group

Our behavioral groups focus on one new tool or topic per week, to help you experience at least 8 different ways you can reduce your pain.  These may include relaxation exercises, mindfulness exercises, thought retraining, and value focused exercises.  With these skills, you will build a personal flare up management plan. 

Expressive Arts Group

This group approaches pain management from an experiential perspective.  It is 100% applied behavior change, where you will use topic based art to assist you in your relaxation activities.  The topics are designed to shift perspective, and include things like “the beauty in broken things”, “If you were on an island, who would be there and what would you bring” and “lifelines.”