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Chronic pain can be complicated. 

Your  challenge: 

Many people with chronic pain have tried and failed a variety of treatment options. Medical providers often struggle with how to effectively manage your care.  Sometimes it feels like no one truly understands what you are going through.  At the PRA Pain Centers, we understand and can help.

Why PRA?

We have been a NW pain leader for over 20 years .  We pride ourselves in the longstanding quality of our CARF-accredited functional restoration programs.  Our clients receive services from a team of experts in treating chronic pain.  Our strength is providing an individualized movement based pain management plan to help improve your abilities both physically and mentally.  With our help you’re taught to significantly improve your pain management skills and improve your quality of life.

Read "Pain Week Scholarship Essay" by Kris Fant, LMHC, LPC, NCC

How it works: 

When treating chronic pain, one size definitely does not fit all. 

Many times we consult with and help educate MDs, DOs, PACs, FNPs, Case Managers and others in order to determine whether a PRA pain center evaluation might be helpful.   We then receive a referral, obtain your medical records, workers’ compensation or private insurance authorizations and your schedule your evaluation.  These are the first steps toward better function and increased quality of life.  An individualized treatment plan is then developed by your team of experts and includes you and your primary care physician.  Everyone is on the same page; helping you to regain control over your unique pain.

At PRA, your personal treatment plan is overseen by our Medical Director and may include one-on-one physical and occupational therapy coaching, individualized counseling, medication management, biofeedback training, group therapy, diaphragmatic breathing, classroom education, etc. With this holistic, patient centered approach, it's difficult to say which treatment will have the most impact.   We’re "on your team" and  rooting for you each and every step of the way! 

We love our family of “Afters”

After completing your PRA pain management program,  we follow up regularly to see how things are going, answer questions, offer resources to help you stay on track and support your success. We even have Facebook and Twitter pages, just to keep in touch.  One of our Facebook friends, 2008 PRA pain program grad, Sean S. stopped by for a spur-of-the-moment 5 year reunion with his pain team.  His heartfelt words were inspirational.

“For approximately 6 1/2 years I was basically bedridden in pain and the only solution the medical community seemed to present to me was to increase the pain meds.  Soon, I was in excruciating pain as my body developed a tolerance to incredibly high levels of opioid medications.   Life became very dark and I lost hope of ever getting out of the deep pit I had fallen into.”  “I am forever grateful for the personalized care I received from the staff at PRA.   Through their patience with me and teaching me to have patience with myself,  I was able to learn techniques to enable me to be victorious in this "new" life, to live and thrive amid chronic pain.“ - Sean S.

Consider the following:

  • Do you have chronic pain?
  • How satisfied are you and your doctor with the current status of your pain management?
  • Are you motivated to change and learn pain management skills?
  • Are you willing and able to make the time commitment?
  • What will your “After” be like?

PRA Pain Centers in Portland and Vancouver are contracted with most insurers, including Workers’ Compensation.

We can help.

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