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At PRA, our experienced physical therapists specialize in the treatment of acute to chronic injury for all ages. We evaluate & treat a wide range of conditions that include myofacial pain, orthopedic injuries, sports injuries, pre and post-surgical rehabilitation, neurological disorders and weight management.

We offer a broad range of treatment options for lasting relief.

  • Therapeutic exercise: Stretching, strengthening, aerobic conditioning - starting at your ability level.
  • Manual therapy: Myofacial release, therapeutic massage, trigger point release, stretching, soft tissue mobilization, spinal mobilization, and pelvic aligning.
  • Balance training: Decrease fall risk. Athletes will be challenged to increase stability and confidence.
  • Lumbar stabilization: Strengthens back muscles that support and stabilize the spine, helps to reduce low back pain and maintains flexibility for movement during activities of daily living.
  • Traction: Cervical traction available
  • TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation): Works to decrease pain perception through stimulation of specific nerves; mild current generates heat that relieves pain, stiffness and spasms.
  • (IFC) Interferential Electrical Current Nerve Stimulation): Similar to TENS, but able to reduce swelling in addition to relieving pain. IFC may be beneficial for pain when TENS has not helped. IFC also has a more comfortable sensation than TENS.
  • Training for proper posture and body mechanics: Fosters patient awareness about self care and injury prevention for a lasting resolution of symptoms.

Helping you toward a successful post-surgical recovery

Prior to your surgery, there are steps you can take to recover more quickly and successfully following your procedure. Our therapists can help you prepare for surgery by strengthening your muscles and improve your range of motion without increasing pain or aggravating your condition. People who are in better condition often have better post-surgery outcomes.

At PRA, our therapists work closely with physicians to prepare patients for orthopedic surgery as well as facilitate their post-op recovery. Most patients will require physical therapy following their procedure – in some cases 24 hours post surgery. The goal is to restore strength, flexibility and range of motion so patients regain their optimum level of function and enjoy life again. We welcome referrals from medical professionals for pre and postoperative physical therapy. To learn more about how PRA Physical therapy can help, simply call 503.292.0765 today.