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What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy is the therapeutic process of helping people participate in their daily activities, or daily “occupations”. Occupational therapy has a holistic approach in considering how a person functions in all their environments (home, work, school, community, etc.) and addresses the physical, psychological and cognitive aspects of their well being through engagement in occupation. What occupational therapy looks like depends greatly on the person being served, their physical and/or cognitive functioning and the purpose of their therapy. At Progressive Rehabilitation Associates, we primarily provide Occupational Therapy in the Pain Rehabilitation, Work hardening/work conditioning program, and the Brain injury rehabilitation program. The following is a description of our focus for these areas.

Pain Rehabilitation

When dealing with long term pain, a person is likely able to attest that the pain affects all areas of their life including household responsibilities, sleep, managing their mood, and it may also interfere with their roles and relationships. Our role in the pain rehabilitation program is to help clients gain tools to manage their pain and understand their limitations so that they may gain freedom in managing life responsibilities with greater ease.

Work hardening/work conditioning

After experiencing an injury at work, one may need rehabilitation in order to prepare for the responsibilities at work. We provide work simulated tasks to prepare you for returning to work as well as education on good body mechanics and pacing in an effort to prevent another injury.

Brain injury rehabilitation

A brain injury can affect many areas of your functional performance and vary greatly from person to person. You might notice trouble with your memory, vision, balance, fatigue level and ability to focus. OT in our brain rehabilitation program is individualized depending on the areas of your life that are the most affected. We often provide interventions around daily life tasks that are challenging and provide strategies that help you become more functional.