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  1. To understand which medications may be useful for chronic pain and which may be harmful.
  2. To understand the alternatives which are more effective…

De-stress Kit

We might as well face it; if you're breathing you're going to experience stress at some time. Stress is personal; how much we can handle depends on each person and the resources they have to deal with…

Oregon Pain Commission Online Survey

The Oregon Pain Commission has created a new online survey of chronic pain issues in Oregon. Be part of the solution by taking part in this important project!

What Pain Is

Feeling A Little Pain? Learn What It Is.

Article: Rewiring the Brain to Ease Pain

This is a good article given to me by a current pain management program client. It helps…

Meet PRA Psychologist Lauren Hollrah, PsyD

Sometimes life throws things at us which we can deal with easily. Every once in a while, we encounter something we might need a little more help with, and it can impair our functioning, social interactions,…

PRA Works!

"PRA Works!" An original work by Nick D. This is sooooo good! We're happy to see you're still off the couch and making music. Thank you for sharing this new video. Congratulations!

PRA graduate and advocate, Trina S.

PRA graduate and advocate, Trina S. takes time to explain about her plant rescue and exchange business in Aloha. We will post a video where she shares her struggle and triumph in the journey to regain…

Deciding to participate in a Pain Rehabilitation Program

Pain rehabilitation is a challenging process that requires a serious commitment. Your primary medical doctor or other health professional can assess whether pain rehabilitation might be appropriate.…