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Q and A with BIRC Client, Chris C.

Has your brain injury impacted relationships with friends, family or coworkers?  If so, how?

After my BI, I became very withdrawn and depressed.  I stopped hanging out with my friends, and couldnt handle family functions.  When I would drop by work to say hi to my coworkers, I felt they all looked at me completely different!  My wife and I argued quite often while the relationship with my boys suffered equally as bad,if not worse.

Knowing that everyone experiences BI uniquely, was there a particular treatment method, class or provider that stands out as being more beneficial?

As the entire program is fantastic, it's hard to pinpoint just one particular aspect.  The physical therapy was instrumental in helping me to recover my balance and visual acuity!  Speech/APT provided me the tools to perform cognitively in the "real world".  occupational therapy strengthened my organizational and strategizing skills as well as self-pacing techniques to optimize my success!  Talking to the psychologists made the emotional part of my BI easier to deal/cope with.  On top of that, sharing with other BI clients in the groups were monumental by helping me to not feel alone or defeated!  As a bonus, the positivity and support of the staff is without comparison.  Personally, I deem the program as a whole, "beneficial"!

What would you say to someone who might be hesitant to begin this program?

The only thing holding me back was the thought of group therapy.  However, the groups have turned out to be one of the most beneficial parts of the program!  I put up a mental roadblock before I even knew anything.  In the end, I chose to give it a shot.  That was the BEST decision I could have EVER made.  To answer the question, "keep an open mind."

Any further thoughts?

I personally would like to express not only my sincerest gratitude, but also my LOVE for BIRC and their staff!  Not only was I completely and utterly defeated before I came here, but I truly thought that there was no chance of improvement.  With the hard work and dedication from absolutely every individual in the program, as well as the support of the other clients, I am optimistic of my future!!  I could not and do not want to imagine my life without BIRC.  I am a better person and in a better place because of these people.  Thank you, my friends.